2020 USPS Shipping Rates Charts

According to the official announcement of USPS, most of the rates will be increased starting the 26th of January, 2020. Some rates will remain the same and they won’t be increased, which will be explained in detail below. Let’s begin with defining the price increase and list all the changes for the year 2020.

First-class mail letter rates will stay unchanged

The first thing we must reveal here is that all the rates affecting first-class mail letters will stay the same. This means that the 1-ounce letter the postage stays $0.55. Metered mail will also maintain the same rates and they won’t be increased. In addition. Large envelop rates will stay unchanged as well.

New rates for priority mail express: Commercial

Priority mail express will be increased by 2.2%. For example, the package of the wright of 1 pound going to the zone number 8 will cost you $38.05. The price for the same package in 2019 was $36.52. Below is a table with all the changes regarding the rates for priority mail express.

Priority mail express 2020 rates: Commercial

Here you can see a comparison between the rates for the priority mail express flat rate in 2019 and in 2020. The increase is present and it ranges between $0.07 and $0.15.

2020 rates for priority mail USPS will soon apply to the service cost

An average increase in priority mail rates will be 2.8%. In 2019 you had to pay $8.25 for one pound package going into zone 8. In 2020 you will pay for the same service $8.42.

2020 rates for priority mail USPS will soon apply to the service cost

The cost of all Priority Mail Flat Rate services will be increased in 2020. At the moment, the flat rate envelope will cost you $7.55 but in 2020 the price will go up to $7.75. Anyway, here is a table with all the increases in the rates.

Commercial base pricing of the priority mail boxes

Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes rates for all the zones will be slightly increased in 2020. The increase will be between $0.90 and $12.10. At the moment, the price for a 5-pound package traveling to zone 8 is $11.20. Here is the table that explains the rate changes. All prices are in $.

First-class package cost in 2020

Almost all rates for the First class package services will be increased by 2.2%. At the moment for a package of 15.9 ounces you have to pay $5.53 but in 2020 the price will be $5.7. The table reveals an increase in rates accordingly. The weight is measured in ounces while the prices are expressed in USD.

Packages that have a weight between 9 and 15.9 ounces measure the increase in rates of 10 or more cents. The same package that would cost you $5.53 in 20149 will cost you $5.70.

Parcel Select Ground rates in 2020

The cost of the Parcel Select Ground services will go up in 2020. The increase will be 2.5%. The current price for a 2-pound package, traveling to zone 8 will be $10.89 in the next year. At the moment this service will cost you $10.56. Parcel Select Ground are generally more affordable for all 9 zones and all the weights. The price is lower by 30 cents. The weight is in pounds while the expressed prices are in USD.

Rates for media mail in 2020

All the rates for media mail will be increased by 1.9% in 2020. At the moment the cost of a 1 pound package traveling to zone 8 will cost you $2.75 but in 2020 the same service will cost you $2.8. This is an increase of 5 cents. Below is a table. You can see that the weight is expressed in pounds while the prices are in USD.

The final word

Now you know all about the rate changes of USPS in the year 2020. In general, the increase will vary and you can see the new rates for each and every type of service in the tables above. Make sure to apply them to your business as soon as possible.


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