e-Commerce and Apple Pay

Mobile wallets such as Apple Pay have made checking out quick and easy. With a user friendly interface and compatibility with all major banks and credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and many others world wide it is no wonder people are switching to using a mobile wallet like Apple Pay. They have eliminated the need to search for your card, make sure the addresses are correct, and greatly reduce errors. The use of Apple Pay has significantly boosted conversions for most online retailers. Apple Pay is the leader in convenience and efficiency because it allows users to make one- tap purchases and features touch ID or face ID security without sharing card information. Most people who use mobile payments reported seeking out stores that are set up to accept the technology. Apple Pay is the one of the highest rated and most used mobile payment providers.

So how do you know if Apple Pay is right for YOU?

Mobile wallets like Apple Pay are looking to replace the wallet entirely by eliminating the need to search through your purse or wallet to find credit or debit cards since it stores all of them in one place. The best part is all of your stores that are conveniently integrated with your ShipSaving account also accept Apple Pay. Using Apple Pay along with the ShipSaving services will GREATLY increase not only the speed but also the amount of orders you ship out. With you creating an effortless checkout process for your customer and ShipSaving providing you with seamless integration of your stores and making your order and shipment management simple in order to get your shipments out quickly and efficiently, all on one platform! You can completely focus on growing your business.

What IS Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a contact-less payment method that allows users to make one-tap purchases within apps and on the web. It works on all iOS devices (Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and more) that feature Touch ID or Face ID and contain an NFC (near field communication) controller where the secure element of Apple Pay is located, keeping all customer information private. Along with using Face ID and Touch ID to secure payments Apple Pay also uses tokenization to prevent credit card numbers from being sent over the air. It allows you to easily and securely add all of your cards (works with nearly all U.S. banks), boarding passes, tickets, rewards cards and more.

Apple Pay by the Numbers

Apple Pay accounts for half of mobile wallet users, with an estimated 383 million users (that's 43% of ALL iOS users) have enabled Apple Pay and that number is constantly increasing by about 1 million users PER WEEK, it has been adopted faster than any other payment services. As stated in a 2019 survey, 51% of mobile payment users in the United States have used apple pay within the year to pay in stores, restaurants and other points of sale. In 2018 22% of respondents said they used Apple Pay 2-3 times a week with a quarter of them stating they used it daily. The number of apple pay transactions daily breaks down to just about 10.98 million transactions per day. With the number of users increasing DAILY technology like Apple Pay should definitely be on your radar.

What are the advantages of accepting Apple Pay?

The more people who have phones that support Apple Pay, the more people will use it. Because of its efficiency and high level of security, Apple Pay has become the payment method of choice for both offline and online transactions. With a WIDE adoption of Apple Pay by Millennials, the largest generation with the MOST buying power, having Apple Pay would increase your conversions SIGNIFICANTLY. With the use of Apply Pay and other forms of mobile payment rapidly expanding it would greatly benefit you to provide this option to your customers. All of the merchant account providers integrated with ShipSaving will give you (the E-commerce seller) the option to incorporate Apple Pay into your checkout as well as into your dedicated app. So by adding Apple Pay to your store and integrating your shop with ShipSaving you can easily get to converting your browsers into buyers!

Here are some online marketplaces that are integrated with ShipSaving that accept apple pay

  • eBay
  • Shopify
  • Etsy
  • Groupon
  • Wish
  • Houzz

  • How do I Begin Accepting Apple Pay?

    Accepting Apple Pay is simple and quick. Just download the Apple Pay mark to use on your website/terminal screen/e-mail. Here is a link to download Apple Pay for your online store:


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