How to Use Influencer Marketing to Increase Your eCommerce Stores Visibility?

How influencer marketing works

Influencers can sell products on powerful social media channels such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Celebrities or social media local influencers with large followings can more quickly spread the word about their favorite products or services.

Over time, many bloggers, YouTube creators and Instagram stars have built strong followings and have been able to leverage their reliability into the role of influencer. Their influence in recommending products and services to their followers is as great as the influence of celebrities.

The Digital Marketing Institute found that nearly 50 percent of consumers rely on recommendations from influencers and another 40 percent make purchases after seeing products on social media platforms.

Before starting an influencer marketing campaign, it is important to define the objectives. Usually KPIs are divided into two parts:

Brand Awareness: Metrics related to increasing audience awareness of your product or service, such as content impressions, likes, comments, mentions, reach and clicks.

Direct Action: Metrics related to specific actions such as number of clicks, sales, conversions, leads, downloads and subscribers. Some influencer marketing campaigns use both components to drive engagement as well as some form of conversion.

5 influencer marketing goals cited by marketers

1. Increase brand awareness

The most popular goal of an influencer marketing campaign is to build awareness around a brand, product or service. Brand awareness is typically measured through impressions, reach and engagement metrics.

2. Reach new audiences

influencers should be able to share their audience data (age, gender, location, interests, etc.) to help ensure alignment with their target audience.

3. Generate sales

Today, more and more influencer campaigns are designed to drive tangible sales and sales can be clearly tracked using custom links, landing pages and redemption codes. Before launching your campaign, remember to place all of these elements in the right places to ensure accurate measurement.

4. Strengthen branding

Influencer can provide strong validation and generate word-of-mouth about your product or brand among its followers.

5. Drive lead generation

In addition to sales, new leads are another popular direct action metric for influencer marketing campaigns. Names and emails can be collected through newsletter subscriptions, account settings or giveaway entries.

Whether your goal is brand awareness or content to attract more eyes to help drive sales, influencer marketing can deliver fast impact. If you have more questions about influencer marketing, please feel free to contact ShipSaving. We will do our best to help you solve any related problems.