How US mail carriers will operate during Corona virus outbreak?

As you already know, corona virus is spreading across the world and yes this also affects the United States. For most people this means staying home as much as possible and not moving around. Staying at home means that you will probably go online shopping and you will order an item or two. Will it arrive your destination? Let’s discuss the matter by analyzing how the US mail carriers will operate during this critical period.

USPS- Not affected as for March 20, 2020

USPS or US Postal Service if you prefer will not be affected by the coronavirus. As a matter of fact, all of their US-based services work in the same way as before the pandemic. There are no changes nor the service provider expects any complications or limits regarding the services they offer.

We must add that there is one issue in which Priority Mail Express International packages for areas such as Hong Kong and China are suspended. This occurs not due to lack of USPS commitment but rather due to canceled airlines and shipping methods between the US and China.

FedEx- Not affected as for March 20, 2020

Yes, FedEx will continue to work normally during the pandemic. There are no changes to their services of any kind, but delays are possible. In addition, the company regularly sanitizes the delivery equipment in order to eliminate the risk of spreading the virus.

The company obeys the local rules and regulations which differ in some areas. This is probably the reason why some areas can experience delays in shipments. FedEx has sent 10 shipments of humanitarian aid to China since January the 10th. These shipments include surgical masks, gloves and much more.

UPS- Contact delivery and possible delivery to China (except Wuhan)

UPS is continuing to ship and deliver without any major modifications. However, states in which public health emergency situation is active will experience some delays.

UPS is also cooperating with China in general and most of the regions except Wuhan city where corona virus started.


Amazon announced that it is suspending warehouse shipments from independent merchants in order to prioritize medical supplies, household staples, and high-demand products during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The accouchement indicated the suspension runs through April 5, during which time you may see some products go out of stock as Amazon shifts its focus to quickly receiving, restocking, and shipping high-demand products that may help protect customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Is it safe to receive mail during corona pandemic?

The short answer is yes, you are safe and the risk is extremely low. The details in this section are obtained from Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading scientist and also director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases from the United States.

According to him, the risk of developing the virus from a package is extremely low. Corona virus is unable to survive open surface for a long period of time and it generally has low odds of surviving in most scenarios. Add the fact that a typical package is handles by a shipment company for 24-72 hours and you can deduce that corona virus cannot survive this.

Fauci also added that this especially applies to packages which come from China. They travel between 7-60 days which makes them even less risky for spreading the corona virus. If we add the fact that most carriers such as FedEx is sanitizing their delivery equipment on a daily or weekly basis, we can see that the risk is close to 0%.

What this means is that you can be free to send and receive packages during the pandemic. There won’t be any issues or complications and the risk of getting the virus via a package is close to 0%.

Will US carriers continue to deliver packages?

The answer is yes, they will continue to deliver mail even during a more severe pandemic. We claim this due to two main reasons.

The first reason is that online shopping and the need for package delivery is significantly increased during the pandemic. More people are at home all day and most of them are shipping online. This means that US carriers must deliver.

In a more severe case we can see that they will increase the mail sanitizing and the delivery equipment which is already done by most carriers. When a mail is sanitized the risk from corona virus is eliminated.

The second reason why the carriers will continue to deliver is hot weather. Corona virus cannot survive high temperatures and it is believed that the risk and the spreading will

Sanitizing your mail

If you are really scared about corona virus but you still receive plenty of mail on daily basis, you can sanitize your mailbox and your packages. You can find the details at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Basically, you can sanitize the mailbox and mail using 60% alcohol compound, warm water and dish soap. You can mix the ingredients and then wipe the items. The solution will kill any droplets and viruses instantly and your risk of getting the corona virus is eliminated.

How to manage an increase in package shipment with ShipSaving during corona virus?

ShipSaving helps you manage your warehouse, manage your shipments (invoices and packages) and also print and apply as many labels as you want. During the pandemic when online shopping is increased, ShipSaving is definitely the best way to manage the aforementioned increase and to still meet the requirements and deadlines. The tool is extremely easy to use and it is available across all the platforms.

The final word

We have learned today that all US-based mail carriers are operating as we speak, with possible delays but without major service suspension and that they will continue to work. The risk of being infected via mail is close to none and you can sanitize your mail if you like. In order to get help with increased shipments, we recommend you using ShipSaving, a state of the art tool.


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