USPS delivery times for year 2020

USPS stands for United States Postal Service and they are one of the biggest couriers in the world. They ship over 700 million parcels across the United States and the rest of the world per day. Their delivery time frame ranges between 1 day and a few weeks, depending on the distance and the service. Below you can see the delivery times and price for each service used in 2020. We will cover domestic and international services.

Domestic delivery times for USPS

USPS has over 30.000 locations across the United States. They also cover remote locations such as Alaska and Hawaii. If you are a merchant, you can choose between various services some more affordable such as First Class Package Service or more exclusive service such as Priority Mail Express (overnight service). Below is a chart where you can see type of service, delivery time and estimated price of each service.

Service Delivery time frame (business days) Price in $
Priority Mail Express Overnight package delivery 26.35
Priority Mail 1-3 7.50
Priority Mail Flat Rate 1-3 8.30
Priority Mail Regional Rate 1-3 9.98
First class Package Service 1-3 3.80
Parcel Select 2-8 -
USPS Retail Ground 2-8 7.50
Letters First-Class Mail 1-3 0.55
Large envelope First-Class Mail 1-3 1

Using this table you can pick a service that matches your requirements the best and also use it to keep the cost as low as possible. Keep in mind that these are domestic services which apply to the United States and the remote territories as mentioned above.

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International USPS services, delivery frames and cost

As you can assume, USPS offers international delivery services (packages send and delivered to foreign locations). These are different services and as such they have different delivery times and different prices.

Service Delivery time frame in business days Price in $
Global Express Guaranteed 1-3 67.80
Priority Mail Express International 3-5 5.95
Priority Mail International 6-10 36.35
First Class Package International Service 6-20 20.75
First Class Mail International – Letters 6-20 1.20

5 main things to know about delivery times for USPS

There are many additional things and facts which all affect the delivery time for USPS parcels. Before you send your first parcel, it is a wide thing to take a look at these factors and learn a few basics. There are 5 main points and all of them are explained below.

1. Shipping service determines the delivery time frame

It is obvious. The delivery time will be determined by the service you choose. For instance, if you select Priority Mail Express, your package can be delivered overnight. But, if you choose USPS Retail Ground the same package may need up to 8 days. Both of these are domestic shipping services. The situation is the same for international shipments (express is always faster than priority).

2. Senders can always calculate the shipping cost

USPS offers detailed prices for all their services. It is a smart decision to calculate the cost of a shipment before you actually ship the parcel.

3. Senders can use special delivery options

If you have a special shipment that must be delivered within particular time frame, you should use special delivery services that are always available. They are ideal for more specific parcels.

4. Delivery to military destinations may be changed

Delivery to a military base or location may be prolonged if the location is affected by problematic situations or certain issues. These change the delivery conditions.

5. USPS works only during business days

Holidays and weekends are not calculated in the delivery time. As you should know, USPS operates only during business days and they are not available during holidays.

Effect of COVID19 pandemic on USPS delivery services

Sadly, COVID19 pandemic does affect the delivery time frame of USPS. Luckily there are some, minor issues that should be noted here. The only, severe issue is when sending packages to locations such as Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. In the worst case scenario, your package may need up to 5 weeks to arrive one of these locations. This applies to services such as USPS Retail Ground. Luckily we can expect improvements in this case scenario and we believe the worse has passed.

Getting a delivery time estimate when sending parcels with USPS

Yes, it is possible to calculate and determine the actual delivery time frame. You will need to consider the distance between two locations, the service selected and the holidays or special days.

The fastest service for domestic shipments is express service. In that case scenario, a parcel will be delivered overnight. USPS retail ground needs 2-8 days so it is more preferable if you ship large items. Keep in mind that USPS media mail also needs 2-8 days but it is more optimized for educational packages.

All business owners who need to ship envelops (standard or single piece) should choose USPS first class. This means that an envelope will be delivered between 2 and 3 business days.


Use these delivery time frames when sending one or large number of parcels to your clients all over the United States or the world. They are the latest and the most accurate for 2020. We believe they will even stay effective in the near future. Now you can predict when a client will receive his package and incorporate that into your shipment.


  • When USPS will most likely deliver a parcel?
  • In most cases you can expect a package before 5 pm. Priority Mail Express parcels are delivered before 10:30 am. Express, domestic mail is delivered before 12pm while international is delivered before 3pm.

  • How long the transit is with USPS?
  • This matter cannot be generalized. It depends on the distance between the sender and the recipient, the package and the service selected. It ranges between 1 day and 20 days.

  • Can I and how change and schedule the delivery time?
  • Yes you can change the delivery time. You will need the article number and the addresses used. You can specify the next delivery date then.

  • What to do if I miss the delivery time?
  • You can reschedule using the slip of peach color that will be left by the courier. This happens and it isn’t a big issues.