Why Wholesalers Need e-Commerce

e-Commerce has been in the incline for the past decade and today, it is something that has an amazing effect on profit, success and so much more. The time when sellers were able to sell in stores in the real world only is long gone and now it is the time to become involved in e-Commerce. This also applies to wholesalers and today we will discuss why this is the case and why it is crucial.

Basics and the effects e-Commerce has to offer

There is no need to explain what e-Commerce is. It is online selling of goods or items or services and it comes in many flavors. Today, shoppers will rather go online and order a product that having to leave their home, go to the store and get one in the ‘’old-fashioned’’ way. Keep in mind that this also refers to businesses that offer services or to retailers. Here are a few main features of e-Commerce.

  • Payments are done online
  • All systems are autonomous
  • You can market a product online
  • You can use social media to market products
  • Transactions are processed online
  • Supply is easier than in the real world
  • Don’t forget that even in 2017 over 51% of the world population had access to the internet. In 2020 this number is 59%. Add the massive increase in population and you can understand more why e-Commerce is so important. Another fact we can share is that over 70% of all people in the United States shop online. Using e-Commerce, you will enjoy 6 main advantages or benefits. They are:

  • You will use more affordable advertising
  • e-Commerce is safer
  • Number of customers is massive
  • It is easy to control e-Commerce business
  • You will boost profit and sales
  • More affordable prices in general
  • These are just a few, main advantages you will enjoy all the time. In reality, e-Commerce offers over 50 advantages compared to traditional selling and you can understand why it is so popular nowadays.

    Why as a wholesaler you should consider e-Commerce?

    We all know that wholesaling involves getting products or items from the manufacturers and selling them to retailers. So, how e-Commerce can help you?

    First of all, most businesses expect from you to offer online selling and interactions. Many of them will only consider e-Commerce wholesalers. The number of these businesses has been in increase for a long period of time and it will continue to rise indefinitely. In the near future, it won’t be recommended trade, it will be a mandatory one. B2B interactions are massively increasing, as we speak.

    When you use e-Commerce as a wholesaler, you will also enjoy a few benefits. They are:

  • You can serve your customers and clients better
  • All your business actions and activities are centralized
  • Online transactions are much easier to process
  • e-Commerce is beneficial when it comes to warehouses and delivery
  • You get better security
  • Your customers will have all the information they need
  • Customers can use unlimited ways to pay for your products
  • What this means is that you will have a business which is available 24/7/365, it will be safe and it will provide all the information your customers need. They can use any method of payment they like to complete transactions and completing the overall process is much easier.

    As a wholesaler, you also need one additional thing. It is a shipping solution known as ShipSaving. In fact, it is a perfectly developed platform that will help you with your orders, warehouse management, labels and so much more. It is one of those platforms that big wholesalers have been using for a long period of time and many, new users are opting as well.

    5 tips for successful e-Commerce integration

    To start with a completely new e-Commerce business, you need time, funds, and these tips. They are essential if you want to make all of this a much easier process and to gain access to more clients and customers almost instantly.

  • Talk to your employees ————You need to inform all your employees about the products, customers, deals and all the rest. By doing so, they will give 100% and your business will grow.
  • Choose the best platform ————Your platform must offer stunning experience due to harsh competition. It must provide a search tool of all types and it must be able to provide precise details about each product or service. At the same time, we recommend you focus on B2B but don’t forget B2C.
  • Contact as many retailers as you can ————It is obvious and it is a mandatory tip. You need retailers. They are your customers so you will need as many of them as possible. In return, you will get a more successful business. Contact them using a telephone call or email. Keep in consideration that you need to call the most desirable retailers by phone due to the fact some of them don’t check emails on a regular basis.
  • Get and use information ————You will have an online store where customers/retailers will ‘’come’’ and buy a product. They will provide essential information you can use. Simply said, look for which products are appealing to a specific age. Which are the most popular in general and when they are popular. All of this will give you more details and valuable specifics you can implement into your business and make it bigger.
  • Use clever offers ————To gain more retailers and more customers in general, you need to use several, mandatory methods. Offering discounts is extremely important. Some retailers won’t even consider you unless you have a discount. Offer high-quality items and don’t forget to try and offer competitive prices.

  • Best platforms wholesalers should use in 2020 and future

    Once you have deduced that e-Commerce business is mandatory and needed for your business, you will have to pick a suitable platform. There are a lot of them, but we have discovered that these 10 work the best.

  • Alibaba ————Alibaba is the biggest Chinese platform of this kind. They offer all sorts of businesses and they offer various languages. Add different payment methods and a capped cost of $100 and you can deduce why it is so popular these days.
  • X Cart ————This is an interesting alternative. They claim that their prices are 66% more affordable. In addition, the platform offers various languages, omnichannel content management and allows you to connect your POS, CRM, and also ERP without the need for writing the codes all by yourself.
  • Global Sources ————It is the oldest platform here. They are located in Hong Kong and they can help you by offering impressive connections with retailers. They definitely should be considered.
  • Amazon (Business) ————Amazon Business is specifically developed for wholesalers who need retailers. You can compare the prices of your rivals and adjust your prices. They offer order fulfillment as part of their additional services and they offer Prime for some products. The cost is $39.99 per month. Order fulfillment and Prime are charger extra.
  • Made in China ————There is no need to explain from which country this platform comes. The products available there are mostly manufactured in the same country or Taiwan. They are a popular and fast-growing platform.
  • Tradekey ————This is the best platform for Asian markets. They primarily target Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.
  • DH Gate ————These guys offer customers from more than 200 countries and they have offices in the United States, India, Philippines, and UAE. The platform itself is located in Beijing and they have 1.2 million suppliers from China alone.
  • eWorld Trade ————This platform is located in Texas, but the origin comes from Pakistan. The platform is mostly focused on trading between China and Pakistan. They are well-known for their massive growth.
  • Kinnek ————Kinnek is excellent for small and medium businesses. Customers can even create an ad or a post in which they will ask for a specific product. Wholesalers can send a quote easily.
  • India Mart ————There are over 3 million supplies here. The platform is as you would expect, focused on India. They are focused on B2B but also on B2C businesses.

  • The final Word

    As a wholesaler, e-Commerce is one of the best things you can use. You can expect a higher profit, more retailers, and an easier job in general. This is an easy task for most of you and there are no major issues or complications you need to worry about. On the other hand, the benefits are impressive.