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All about USPS Holiday 2020: Closed and open hours of USPS

As a business owner, you need to know and memorize these holidays and keep in mind that your shipments will be delayed. It is basically something each person using USPS should know and base his or her plans according to the postal service schedule. On the following 10 days, USPS is generally closed and won’t accept your shipments.

All you have to know about batch label processing

How are you managing your orders? Are you printing one label at a time or you do this with multiple labels at the same moment? You will need to understand batch processing or to use some possible methods to improve it and make your order management easier and simpler.

Tips for saving on shipping charges

It is worth noting that shipping through the post office, FedEx or UPS is more expensive when your package weighs less than two pounds. But how about the package weight more than 2 lbs? Several tips can help you reduce your shipping fee.