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Optimize your shipping solution with ShipSaving!

Manage your shipments

With ShipSaving, you can manage all aspects of your orders: access your shipments, invoices, packages and more.

Warehouse management

We help you to control and manage the day-to-day operations in a warehouse by allocating product bins and barcodes, optimizes picking and shipping of order and advises on inventory.

Expand your business map

Stream down your operating and warehouse management on the supply chain aspect. Speed up your business by reducing human error and duplicate work.

Invite your team

No matter how many people on your team you can always create a sub-account for them individually.

Batch label printing

Creating up to 500 shipping labels in one batch. The batch mode will initiate an auto-sorting based on 'sort by' filter to print shipping labels. Users may print batch labels based on chronologic, geographic or categoric order. The lowest shipping rate is based on different shipping (services?) is applied to all packages.

Smart Scan

The smart scan is a revolutionary feature. The user can print the packing slip in advance then print out the label when you pick up the inventories. Meanwhile, scanning the invoice can get the corresponding tracking labels information, or scan the product barcode to check the product inventory and storage bin location. This feature will greatly improve the shipping, picking, inventory checking process and reduce? the manual operation error.

Shipping Rule

The Shipping rules guarantee crucial information about the goods – dimension and weight. More precisely, the shipping rule effectively solves the problem of refiling weight measure for a new combo of products. When the user uses the product match feature to make a combo, the shipping rule will automatically add the product weight base on the individual product and the user only needs to manually enter the product dimension without redundant information enter. This will greatly save the time for retrieving the weight and dimension of the product, also it can freely edit the shipping rule while user changing the different product combination.

Smart Order Processing

ShipSaving automatically detects Amazon Prime orders and marks them so that users can choose the right carrier and shipping service without check the Amazon order page. Meanwhile, the system will automatically verify the recipient address and automatically correct the address due to the typo or wrong address entry.

Match Products

ShipSaving provides an extremely convenient product matching feature for users. In the actual operation process, the merchant will sell the product combination to achieve sales while being divided into individual products. How to ensure that the combo sales of goods while ensuring the accuracy of the inventory at the same time? The product match feature helps users achieve flexible to make various product combo options and precise inventory control. On the other hand, the inventory ratio can be known in order to analyze future sales trends of future combo commodities. ShipSaving's Product matching feature helps users freely make the product combo to achieve the most efficient inventory management. Users only need to manually match the desired matching items on the platform will automatically become a brand new product with a separate SKU number and an independent product listing. Similarly, users can also rematch products to make new combos at any time.

Unlimited Users

Getting upset when other shipping platforms cannot allow multiple users to log in at the same time? ShipSaving supports unlimited users' login features. It's perfect for multi-user, teams and business users. Meanwhile, different permissions can be assigned by creating sub-accounts to ensure that the information is shared while ensuring account privacy.

Address Book

Like contact in your cellphone, Helphalf allows user to add their valuable customer contact information under the address book. The address book can be applied to add shipment and add a new order.

Real-time Reports

ShipSaving's analytics and reports give you the details of sales, product sales, today’s total order details, including shipped, awaiting, hold, and canceled. Meanwhile, the user can view the total shipments including upload success, upload awaiting, no upload, upload failed, and void.